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Welcome to the Youthwork Blog, a space for conversation around the future of youth ministry between the people who care. Each week we will hear from a different youth work thinker and practitioner about best practice, new ideas, possible strategies and the latest research. Want to write for us? Drop us a line at

In this week's Youthwork blog, Paul Friend questions our fear of commitment and why we need to let it go in order to see change. More

The Bible is unlike any other text in the world. It provides the foundation to Christian life, but for some, young people and adults alike, it... More

The 1st of January was one of the greatest days of my life. I’ve never been a massive fan of New Year – in fact most years I am to Hogmanay what... More

This week's 'day in the life' comes from Katharine O'Brien, a catechetical and youth co-ordinator at a Catholic Church in Wanstead. She shares... More

In this week's Youthwork blog, Rosie Kersys tells us why we need to do more to prepare our young people for university. More

The first Youthwork Blog of the year comes from Fraser Keay, who shares his thoughts on youth ministry and the important role the Church has... More

In this week's Youthwork blog, Andy Frost of Share Jesus International proposes the idea of re-instating a 'rites of passage' for young people,... More

After a brief hiatus, a day in life returns with Kara Landhuis, an American youth worker currently working in the UK! More

In this week's Youthwork blog, Andy du Feu, director of youth and community work at Moorlands, discusses our obsession with numbers. More

This week's Youthwork blog comes from a familiar face as Phoebe Thompson shares her view on youth ministry and the work she hopes will bring... More