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An assembly for use in a secondary school based on the December 1914 Christmas truces, to teach that being a Christian is more important than belonging... More

The run-up to Christmas can be a frantic time, with parties, present-buying and incessant jolly music. Give your group space and time to prepare for the... More

To reflect on young people’s previous Christmas experiences and help them prepare mentally and spiritually... More

No Christmas list of the best Christmas films is complete without The Muppet Christmas Carol. More

It’s Christmas, and century-old carols are suddenly omnipresent. You can barely move for renditions of... More

For this session, you can use any Christmas album which includes traditional carols, rather than just Christmas... More

Hark! Christmas approaches: the wonderfully quiet and easy-going period of the calendar, with plenty of... More

To consider, in the light of the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas, how we might enjoy the festive season more... More

To look at the names given to Jesus in the ‘Nativity’ chapters of the Bible, and explore what they –... More