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‘Everyone knows where they belong - except for me’ More

People love a good protest. In fact, some people will protest anything. You can raise taxes, lower taxes, ban hats, encourage short-wearing or introduce compulsory S Club 7 dance routines to the start... More

ALBUM: In the Lonely Hour(2014 Warner Music)Artist: Sam Smith More

Many young women have been conquered by the belief that their bodies are sex objects to be looked at,... More

This character pyramid is a resource that could easily structure a whole term of mentoring sessions.... More

To get to the heart of how porn seeks to conquer guys’ hearts and minds and to create a culture of honesty... More

This final session is all about embracing purity as a godly and powerful lifestyle. Instead of focusing... More

Ensure that your group arrives into a restful environment. If you running around like a headless chicken... More